Quotes of the Week from Eric Mazur

In response to newly published research showing that lecture fluency did not significantly affect the amount of information learned, Harvard Professor Eric Mazur responded:

““With a better presenter it might seem like you are taking more in, but it doesn’t mean that anything has actually been learned..”

“The hard work has to be done by the learner – there’s not much the instructor can do to make the neuro-connections necessary for learning.”

“What is really worrying is that people are jumping on the massive open online course bandwagon, taking a failed model and putting it online. We need to rethink how people approach teaching,”

See the article “Great lecture: what was it about again?” at the Times Higher Education site



Infographic: The Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom
Via: Accredited Online Universities Guide

Dr. Maryellen Weimer: Making the Case for Learner-Centered Teaching

Image courtesy of nuchylee/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

In this article from 2011, Dr. Maryellen Weimer revisits her call for “Changing the Way We Teach: Making the case for Learner-centered Teaching“. Professor Weimer encourages us to redirect our efforts toward the learning experiences of students. Professor Weimer argues, and I agree, to having students actively “doing more of the learning tasks themselves”. This means that:

  • Students will understand more of what they are learning.
  • Students will retain what they learn longer.
  • Students will learn more than just the content.
  • Chances are good students will be changed by what they learn.
  • Students will love learning more.

I moved to a learner-centered teaching model in my online course on the Geography of Wisconsin. My experience has shown that students are more actively engaged in their work using the learner-centered teaching model. Ceding some control over what they are learning gives students ownership that often translates into them doing more than what is required for of an assignment.  Read Professor Weimer’s post “Changing the Way We Teach: Making the case for Learner-centered Teaching” for more about learner-centered teaching. I highly recommend her book Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice.

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