“Issues” that bore me ….

Like others who wish to live in the 21st century and realize that the practice of teaching, especially in higher education, must change, I’ve decided not to write about or comment on other’s posts concerning:

1. Whether face-to-face courses are better than online courses. It’s been proven many times that there’s no difference and in many cases tips in favor of online or hybrid courses.

2. Whether print textbooks are better than eTextbooks. eTextbooks offer a richer learning experience, period.

3. If universities should invest in more brick and mortar large lecture classrooms or better digital infrastructure. Lecture halls do not encourage learning, only the transmission of information to the masses. The transmission of this information is just as effectively done online and reaches a wider audience.

There’s simply no need to write about these issues, the jury is no longer out, the case has been closed on them.

About Michael Ritter PhD
Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, science textbook author, educational technology blogger, podcaster, and freelance media consultant.

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