Edit Google Docs on the iPad

Not being able to edit Google Docs on the iPad has been a source of frustration for many an iPad user, including myself when I first bought the device. That complaint can now be put to rest as Google has brought the ability to edit Google Doc to iOS (and Android) devices. I wasn’t concerned with editing Google Docs on my iPhone, but not having access on my iPad was a pain. However, while I was waiting for Google to implement this feature, I began the process of migrating my cloud-based document storage over to iDisk. Like Google Docs, I have access to my documents wherever I have a network connection. In addition, I can edit my documents using a much better, in my opinion, application …. iWork Pages. For me, Google’s move may be a bit too late, but perhaps not for you.

About Michael Ritter PhD
Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, science textbook author, educational technology blogger, podcaster, and freelance media consultant.

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