Firefox Extensions I Can’t Live Without

20070520-firefox_logoThough I’ve used most browsers, I keep returning to Firefox as my “workhorse” browser due to amazing number of extensions and add-ons that have been created for it. Though I’ve bulked it up with several add-ons, there are a few that have proven especially valuable for my professional life.

Yoono is one of the most valuable extensions I use. It gathers in one place (the sidebar) my social networking sites, Google Reader to read my RSS feeds, web notes, and music streaming via and imeem. Web notes has been the most important feature to me personally as I write drafts of blog posts and conduct research. My web notes are stored “in the cloud” so they are accessible from any of my computers. I can even read, respond and compose in GMail without going to the application. All this while listening to my Pat Metheny playlist on Lastfm, so very cool.

Morning Coffee is the first add-on I use each morning. My daily routine consists of getting a real cup of coffee, starting up Firefox, then clicking on Morning Coffee. As the app’s site describes, Morning Coffee “lets you organize websites by day and open them up simultaneously as part of your daily routine. This is really handy if you read sites that update on a regular schedule”. It’s a great app to start your day.

TwitterFox is my light-weight Twitter app that I use when I don’t have the Yoono sidebar open or my Seesmic desktop app running. TwitterFox adds a small icon to the status bar and notifies you when those you follow have posted tweets. You can tweet from TwitterFox and it can handle multiple Twitter accounts which is particularly important to  me.

Evernote is my preferred information capture application that I’ve written about before. Evernote provides a toolbar button and context menus to add a selection or entire page to Evernote. If you haven’t used Evernote, you should check it out.

Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) syncs my bookmarks across the various browsers I use on all my computers, i.e. laptop, home desktop, and office computer. It can also sync passwords. This one is a lifesaver.

The extensions/add-ons above are the ones I most rely on. I’d like to hear about the extension you “can’t live without”.


About Michael Ritter
Retired Professor of Geography at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, science textbook author, educational technology blogger, podcaster, and freelance media consultant.

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