Productivity 2.0

Zen Habits has a great post about the “new productivity”, dubbed Productivity 2.0. University administrators should take heed of these new “rules”. If they did, they might find a happier and more productive bunch of employees.

Here’s Leo’s list:

1. Don’t Crank – Work With Deeper Focus.
Old School: Crank It Out.
Productivity 2.0: Deep Focus

2. Minimize Out Meetings and Planning — Just Start.
Old School: Lots of planning is important.
Productivity 2.0: Just Start.

3. Paperwork is out — automate with technology.
Old school: Crank through tons of paperwork.
Productivity 2.0: Automate with technology.

4. Don’t multi-task — multi-project and single-task.
Old school: Multi-tasking is productive.
Productivity 2.0: Multi-project and single-task.

5. Produce less, not more.
Old school: Produce more.
Productivity 2.0: Produce less

6. Forget about organization — use technology.
Old School: Be organized.
Productivity 2.0: Tag, archive and search.

7. Out with hierarchies — in with freedom.
Old School: Hierarchy.
Productivity 2.0: Independence, freedom, and collaboration.

8. Work fewer hours, not more.
Old School: Work longer hours.
Productivity 2.0: Work fewer hours.

For the particulars see: Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game


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